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Changeable letter section on your pylon sign allows one a dynamic advertising element to communicate to passersby. People who are in your trading area. A static fixed pylon sign message cannot compete. The changeable letter section, sometimes called a readograph, allows one to effectively communicate with area pedestrians and vehicle traffic at a fraction of the cost per view that one would spend in the local paper.

A changeable letter message tends to work your local trading area. Used creatively and effectively, one has the ability to offer time limited specials or highlight services. Be it a breakfast special or air conditioning tune up, one should draw immediate traffic results with the use of time limited offers of inventory or season specials, clearance discounts and other tactics specific to your business. Communicating on a weekly or monthly basis to area pedestrians and vehicle traffic, remember that your proximity to where they work or live that is part of the convenience factor of doing business with you. Best not to advertise for them to call you. Realize that potential customers are reading your advertising message within 500 feet of your premise, invite them to drop in.

There are some disadvantages to having and using a changeable readograph message center. One problem area is to ensure that your changeable letter section has a clear lexan cover over the message letter area with cover locks. Otherwise, some wise guys will and are tempted to rearrange your message. This can be embarrassing on the next day arrival to work.

A changeable message is an investment. One needs 200-400 letters and numbers, has to organize, coordinate and follow up with staff on a regular basis to come up with and install new messages. The changeable message center will require extra management, coordination and additional storage area. The bottom of a filing cabinet drawer for the large number of lexan letters does work well.

Over time, if you started with a white lexan background one will find that the bright white sign background will start to yellow to a crème color. If the interior of the sign cabinet does not get cleaned, your message image will not be as crisp and clear and will start to look aged and tired. The clear horizontal letter tracks do collect dirt, do get brittle over time and can break reducing your message area. As an advertising sign, remember that a readograph changeable letter section has a limited life. Many readograph changeable letter sections are taken well pass their expected life.

In summary, the changeable letter section represents a key business advantage. Allows one's business to post a dynamic advertising messages that can be used for your specific area, your customers interests … be it a major sales event ... a holiday … so on. Some examples are Hot Summer Specials, Christmas ..., Happy Easter, Schools Out ... and a host of other types of events. Whether you use your changeable message center as public relations vehicle, for a funny phrase of the week or for the special of the month, a changeable letter section opens up new business opportunities to offer local area residences and businesses.

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Pylon signs with changeable message boards have an advantage over traditional static pylon signs with a fixed message. Custom advertising messages look great when the pylon sign is new.

Some readograph changeable letter maintenance is required over time as the horizontial tracks can break, letters need to be replaced and white lexan background can discolor to a creme color.

Is this changeable message sign inviting?

New letters only cost about $ 300-$ 500 depending on size and number.

Pylon signs with changeable message boards do require extra follow up by management as can be seen with this readograph sign to the left. Clearly, staff were not familiar with changeable message signs.

As can be seen, new readograph letters were packed with a blue plastic film between the letters which prevents scratching during shipping. The person putting up the message obviously did not know to remove the blue film.

Furthermore, the "N" letter was put in backwards and tends to jump out at one. Unusually wide spacing was used on the last line for what ever reasons.

Does management have to follow up? YES!


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