Types of Neon Channel Letter Signs:

Many designers feel a higher end corporate retail image is created with individual letters. Neon letters are used less because they are valued at a higher price point than the traditional sign boxes. But channel shapes do allow a freedom of design for individual style and variety of letter forms. Creative and unique custom corporate logos can be created –channel letter signs are a preferred first pick for established higher scale retailers, most large retail box stores and landlords with higher end malls.

There are three basic forms neon channel letters:

(i) Exposed individual channel letters with the neon exposed within the channel, could also be outside the perimeter, but always without a face cover. This allows for the full impact of the neon colour to be seen without any loss in brilliance or intensity of light. An alternate it this is to provide a clear channel letter face to protect the neon from dirt, water or weather conditions.

(ii) Individual channel letters with neon illumination enclosed with a plexi face cover – usually the face cover is coloured plexi with the neon used to illuminate the faces at night. Unique effect can be created by mixing up the plexi colour and the neon colour. For example, using say a white face for the day and using red neon on the inside to create bright eye catching red letters at night.

iii) Halo-lite letters are similar to individual channel letters with internal neon lighting. The letters are drawn off the wall approximately 2 inches to allow the neon light to cast a halo on the background wall around the letters. The letters can be metal, such as stainless steel, and rely on the halo illumination around the base of the letters for night visibility. The letter fabrication can be mixed up so that the letters have plexi faces and/or plexi sides which allows additional illumination effects and uniqueness.


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