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Changeable Message Signage

Readographs, better referred to as a changeable letter section are used primarily on pylon signs.

The retail food industry uses readograph changeable messages effectively to promote seasonal specials and new food introductions all the time.

Staff equipped with the message from head office, take from a box of letters in a file cabinet or card board box in the back room the required letter cards, then go out and systematically assemble the message on the rows of track, using a special pole with a suction cup, to create the monthly message. Some businesses change their message once a week. Readograph or a changing advertising message section allows one greater advertising flexibility where otherwise outdoor signs are relatively permanent.

Certain businesses which have an impulse purchase product or service can benefit quite readily. Below you can see what and how McDonalds and Burger King are using changeable message advertising on the street. Remember that changeable messages are not exclusive to vehicle traffic and if you have a bus stop near by and get lots of pedestrian traffic in your area, a message center can work well.

Changeable Message Signage Burger King Pylon

ReadoGraph Changeable Letter Pylon

Changeable Message Signage MacDonalds Pylon

ReadoGraph Changeable Letter Pylon

Changeable Message Signage Wall Signs

Changeable message advertising is an investment and can be used on building walls. All one needs is traffic. You still need 200-300 letters and numbers to make you advertising messages. Always best to have enough letters otherwise you waste time rethinking messages because you don't have enough letters.

ReadoGraph Changeable Letter Pylon