Last Minute Sign Repair & Sign Maintenance Program Solutions!

Here are some sign repair solutions to help you get off the last minute 911 sign maintenance program.

(a) When repairing or servicing signs establish a preprinted set of steps on your PO paperwork. One might be that sign repairer sign off that your signs are secured tightly. In the repair request can be a “complete on or before time” … call on completion … repair photos before and after. It is difficult to get all the requested items every time as some sign repair companies have better support structures than others.

Further verify signs are attached with what size of screws – i.e. the larger #14 self tapping screws. Possibly specify or require a separation distance, i.e. maximum 24 inch on centre (to suit you area conditions)

(b) Request that new holes are drilled for new frame fastening screws. Avoid using old holes – especially on older signs

(c) Flag a sign inspection report when doing regular illumination service. If fixing say a pylon illumination problem require the sign repair company to report on other store sign condition. Ensure proper sign attachment. This can minimizes return sign repair calls at the same store a few months apart. And help offset problems of getting inexperience local staff to check the exterior signs and building.

(d) An extra preventative step is to add blow out brackets on the sides on large wall and pylon faces. These blow out brackets prevent the faces from blowing off in the event all the screws are dropped from the sign box.

(e) Important Step: On initial service call ensure the sign installer secures any loose sign frame(s) or broken faces with rope or banding strap to avoid losing more sign faces. This reduces your risk of additional faces blowing out, reduces potential damage and liability to the public. Sectioning off the area where traffic and public walk is a good step.

Take a position and don’t expect that local staff will think out the degree of risk. Most have no experience with any type of sign danger. Even management and staff may not fully comprend the weight and force that a blowing sign face can deliver to area cars, buildings and people.

Sign Repair & Sign Maintenance Problems - Images!

Pylon sign repair cost in the 10,000 of thousands! After the tail winds of a Florida huricane hammered the east coast, this 80 foot high pylon with a sign section measuring 12 feet high by 42 feet across lost its sign faces and frames. The sign faces were never to be seen again nor returned. This pylon repair required two new vinyl flex faces and two new SignComp sign frames. Installation required two extra large cranes to lift and position the new sign frames and faces into position. This land mark sign was out of advertising commission for several months.

Pylon sign repair cost just for time - thank goodness! After strong winds this medium sized pylon sign face measuring 7 feet high by 15 feet was ready to come apart, as that is part of the sign frame sticking out at 90 degrees. Only twenty five feet high, pylon sign could be serviced with a regular sign bucket truck. The sign frame was refitted and new frame screws added along the sides and bottom of the sign frames. Lexan pylon faces helped save the day, as these large faces are resistant to breakage or cracking ( sign faces will break though). Store was back in advertizing action the same day with no liability, property damage, sign damage and with little sign repair expense.

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