How to Calculate the Electrical Operating Cost of your Pylon Sign!use!

Example: A pylon sign with a top header name in neon channel letters consisting of eleven 24” high letters per side. Each letter is illuminated with 2 rows of 15 MM clear red neon powered 30 MA normal power factor transformers.

Below the letters will be a 2’ high x 15’ long readograph or changeable letter panel on the pylon sign illuminated with fluorescent lamps. Pylon sign power is 120 volt – total electrical draw is 32.7 amps.

A) First calculate the kilowatt use of the pylon sign::

Voltage (120) x Current (32.7)
-------------------------------------- = Kilowatts (3.924)

B) Second, estimate the pylon sign's use using the number of kilowatt hours used per month:

Assume sign is on for 10 hours per day – based on a 30 day month

Kilowatts (3.924) x Hours used (10) x Days (30) = 1177.2 Kilowatt Hours

C) Thirdly, calculate the your operating cost based on the “demand range rates per kilowatt
hour” obtained from the local municipality where the sign is to be located. Hydro rates
can vary between municipalities and the kilowatt per hour cost declines with higher usage.
Estimated here we use 10 cents per kilowatt hour.

Kilowatt hours (1177.2) x Rate (0.1000) = $ 117.72 per month

In summary store signs, pylon signs, and the cost of operating these signs to some businesses is just part of doing business. Upon closer look at our pylon sign example, estimated electrical costs of $1404 a year may not get any ones attention. But an astute business person would recognize that over a ten year period $ 14,040 dollars is a significant cost worth taking a second look at for business savings.

How can you decrease your sign operating and maintenance costs? For sure, a policy of leaving the signs on all the time might be changed immediately. The use of solar eyes can handle the automatic on-off problems associated with changing daylight times. Sign electrical timers are another consideration which reduce total sign on time. These can be combined with solar eyes to optimize your sign illumination to store hours or traffic times and reduce your electrical costs of sign operation.

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