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Base plate covers on pylon signs are being used more often now days and are becoming more popular. Some corporate retailers and franchisors have upgraded their pylon sign specifications to include pylon sign base plate covers. They want to hide any negative appearances like the rusting of pylon sign base plates, anchor bolts and washers from customers and the franchisee’s who may complain. Covering the pylon signs base plates reduces the franchisee’s future maintenance costs and reduces the need to paint every couple of years. Head office operations and the franchisor has one less reason to chase staff to clean up their pylon sign presentation and image. When buying pylon signs best ensure base plate covers are included.

Pylon Base Plate RustingIn the past, before the days of cheap and available sheet aluminum, one would make pylon base plate covers out of sheet metal and paint them. Sheet metal is not as thick as aluminum and more flexible. If someone stood on them or bumped into the pylon base cover with a lawnmower then it would dent. Over the years, improvements in paint finishes to polyurethane car based paints did help reduce the process of rusting. Not enough to stop rust starting at the sheet metal corners and then on the faces of the sheet metal base plate covers. If left unmaintained, sheet metal covers would rust and over the long term did not represent a great solution for hiding metals continual rusting process and brown unsightliness.

Today, sign companies who fabricate aluminum sign boxes and channel letters end up with large sheets and pieces of aluminum scrap. If not used, recycled in the aluminum bin, these larger aluminum sections can be shaped into base plate covers at a nominal charge. If one stays with rectangular base plate cover, pieces can be cut out with other routing work. For a sign company pylon base plate covers have little or no material cost. To the end user it is an easy cover up of a future maintenance nuisance and a purchase bonus on a large pylon sign purchase.

Base plate covers that are rectangular in shape will keep the cost down but ensure that they are high enough to clear the top of the pylon anchor bolts. If your pylon has gussets on either side of the pole(s) always make sure pylon base plate cover they are high enough to clear the gussets. If the base plate cover height is too low they hit the anchors bolts or gussets, the base plate covers will not sit flush onto the concrete footing base. Well fitted base plate covers should hide all the base area welds from view and protected this high rust area from direct moisture, water, ice and snow. You get less rusting and any rust corrosion is hidden from view providing you a more finished pylon sign appearance with reduce future maintenance cost.

Installed Base Plate Covers Depending on your pylon pole color, the need for base plate covers may not be as necessary as in the case of brown and black painted poles. If your standard pylon poles are white, the brown rust can and will show readily even from scratches on the poles after a month from initial installation. Pylon poles that are painted darker colors, the rust is less noticeable and as a result are less unsightly with rust. Maintaining a paint finish over the poles is important over the long term. Rust corrosion is eating away at the structural integrity of the pylon sign poles and base plate structure.

In summary, if you buy freestanding pylon signs, ensure that your sign vendor includes pylon base plate covers as it is small investment. In return you and your company get the best finished look with a reduced visibility of any future rust.

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